Thursday, December 17, 2009


So I think I'm finally done dress making for the Christmas season. I've officially made three dresses and I think she's set considering we're a week out from Christmas. So here's the debut of the last two and recap of one. I LOVE having a little girl!

One of my favorite pictures of her yet, my little model.
A horrible face but you can see those two bottom teeth coming in and the front of the dress.
Smiling at Daddy.
The second dress. Here blue eyes light up in this dress.
I saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and it instantly became a favorite of mine :)
The back of the dress and how most of my pictures look these days as she is always on the move.

Better hurry Mom!
Yeah, Yeah I'm cute...

Miss Blue Eyes


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

andrea you rock! I looooooooove all your fabric choices and she looks like the cutest little Christmas baby ever!

Meredith said...

Miss her and LOVE her!!