Saturday, January 1, 2011

Year In Review

Astoria's Year in Review

The shirt says it all..she was still so tiny.

We saw our first big snow here in Texas.
Started cloth diapering.

Went to our first friend birthday party.

Our first plane ride to Oklahoma.

Playing at the mall, still sucking our thumb and a pacifier.

I 'thought' she couldn't hold a bottle on her own...I was wrong! Needless to say I didn't hold to many bottles after I saw this!

Celebrated her first birthday with family and friends.

Got her ears pierced.

Went to a wildlife park to see the animals....LOVED IT!

Our first party at the house with water baby!

Tubes in both ears.

Spent many afternoon at the spray parks. Still not walking at this point so there were also a lot of scuffed knees from crawling at the parks.

Trip to Bonkers.

Swim lessons
Fun with friends at the Children's Museum.

Spent the 4th of July at the lake with Nana and Pops.

Relaxing in the hot tub.

Pictures taken in Granny's backyard.

Finally at 15 1/2 months you decided to start walking. There were still times that you chose not to, but for the most part you found it faster and a lot less rough on your knees.

Trip to the Arboretum.


The skunk and the flamingo. We went through what I call a 'pacifier detox' in October to be ready for a new daycare that did not allow pacifiers. You did the 5 day process you were done with them on day two.


Growing up....

Always wanting outside.

Our year has been amazing. We've gone from eating pureed foods to eating solids, crawling to walking, pointing to saying 30+ words, sweet and innocent to 'mine', pulling hair, hitting, and even biting, crying to throwing tantrums...ahh...the terrible twos have already begun.

I love you Astoria!!!


First things first, because it looks like I missed the month of November here are few pictures from school and Thanksgiving!

These were taken at school. Yes, we do get a lot of questions asking if they are sisters, lol.
Wish we could get them to stand this still for pictures.

No doubt about it Astoria LOVES her Pops. Anytime he's around she's got close tabs on him. She loves to get up in the chair with him and just sit. Sometimes longer than she's ever sat with me.
Yep, she's going to be a lefty!

Coming and going. The girl is NEVER still.


In December we went to our first live show. The girls are in love with Yo Gabba Gabba! They danced the ENTIRE show! I know there is no educational value and the show is a little creepy but Astoria is all about the music of any show she watches. Even on Elmo's world she'll sit and listen to the songs, but once they are over she's up and moving. Oh, and Elmo Live comes in March, we'll be there :)

Nana made their amazing outfits and Astoria, when asked where Foofa was, knew exactly where she was, on the front of her shirt.

Christmas was a blast this year. Astoria totally understood what it meant to unwrap gifts and of course know that they were hers (or in her terms "MINE"). Next year I have a feeling Santa will be a little bit more understood. The first time visiting Santa this year was horrific. The next time she saw Santa her and Olivia 'talked' to him from afar. The next time her and Olivia went and sat on his lap like he was an old friend (of course this would be the day we were wearing NOTING cute and Christmasy). Most of her Christmas gifts revolved around Elmo. She has quite a bond with 'Melmo' at the moment. She also received a play kitchen, lots of bath paints, music CDs, and a few baby dolls.

The rest are just really cute random pictures from December :)
Yeah, we're still working on this biting thing.
We went to Aunt Paula's church and decorated gingerbread houses.

Concentrating really hard.

We visited Santa's Village in Richardson and saw lots of pretty lights.

Getting around with my monkey on my back.

Got a bike from Nonnie, Grandpa, and Uncle Scott. We are currently riding in the house, by spring I have a feeling she'll have it down.
At Nana's house there is always something fun to they are playing in 'snow' from a box. She loves to be naked and seems to always be missing a shoe!
Helping Nana.
Making cookies with sprinkles (once again using that left hand!).
And what are cookies without a bit of icing?

Astoria still isn't really into dolls but Olivia loves all baby dolls. So when Olivia found one of Astoria's Christmas gifts, a doll with a 'packpack', aka backpack, and put it on Astoria needed one to match. Thanks to Aunt Meredith we found a solution.

Elmo microwave from Aunt Meredith.
She really doesn't like to sit still at all... and to be held, well that doesn't work out too well either.

Ball from Pops. She loved this thing!

Olivia's hippos...eveyone's a winner!

Christmas a Granny's is always fun. She donned the name Cindy Loo Hoo for the evening.
The gift that will last for years to come...A KITCHEN!!

A tea set, she knew exactly what to do and even made drinking noises as she drank from the cup.

All of the cousins!


Even through all of the bickering, hair pulling, biting, hitting, and shouting, in the end they do truly love one another.

Thank you all for making our Christmas so wonderful!