Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March Randomness

Its been a busy month already. Time has flown! Astoria turned 11 months in March and she's coming into her own ways of doing things. We have finally mastered sippy cups with a straw and Rex and I are already dreading the change over to more bottles for this little girl. Amazingly enough she also mastered holding her own bottle but only if she's laying down. She doesn't understand she has to tilt her head back to drink, hence why we went with the straw sippies.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the month so far (with the most recent first).

Dress I made that turned out a little too short in length and a little too big in the neckline..she's just so stinkin' tiny.
Yeah she doesn't really like mornings either.

Madi stopped by for a visit!

How mommy gets things done, lots of puffs, sippy cups, and if that doesn't' work lay her down on the floor and hand her a bottle.

Waiting for a bath in my very cute cloth diaper :)

I think this is actually the first picture I have of her holding her own bottle, mind you she turned 11 months the day it was taken. Little stinker.

And this is why I have a feeling she's been playing us for fools, really, holding your toes and your bottle at the same time on the first time..I don't think so!
Next week is SPRING BREAK and I can't wait we're headed to Oklahoma to see the family..our first plane ride! I'll be sure to update that experience!

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

She is a little stinker! She has y'all right where she wants you too! The dress is cute still the ladybugs are darling. love it!