Monday, June 29, 2009

Our First Tear!

We went to the zoo today. She did amazingly well considering it was extremely hot and humid. We took the double stroller Meredith insisted we needed (and I now agree) put both kids in and away we went. It was a great day. I can't wait to go when she's older and can really see the animals.

She was asleep when I put her in the car seat to go home and woke up scared to death. It was at this time that the teared rolled. I almost cried with her! What milestones we have reached.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Again I've lost track of time.

Wow another month has passed since my last post. We've come a long way in this past month and yet we are still battling some of the same battles. Insurance has finally approved us for physical therapy so we'll start when we get home. I've been here in OKC for almost a month now which has been amazing. I've seen changes in both Astoria and amazing changes in Olivia which I would have missed had I been in Texas. Olivia is now completely walking, she doesn't choose to crawl any more. What a difference a few weeks will make.
Astoria is still battling the reflux but we're getting a better handle on how to handle her I think, (not always). Some nights are much better than others. We bought her a big car seat so that she is no longer lying back so much as she was in the carrier (picture above is her trying out Olivia's car seat). I think this has helped her tantrums some. She looks so big in the car seat. We've gone from loving the bath to not liking it again. I'm hoping this will change as it makes for a good winding down time for me before she goes to bed. She doesn't care much for tummy time but loves laying on her back in the morning and talking. Just tonight I think she finally figured out those sounds coming out of her mouth can be controlled by her. She cooed for a good 30 minutes while looking up at me tonight. As far a clothes go we're still in newborns but slightly outgrowing some of them due to the length not because we're getting too much fatter. She has developed a few rolls on her thighs which are cute. We're almost out of size 1 diapers and quickly approaching size 2. She can follow lights very easily but gives up when she has to look to the right due to the torticollis. If you place her to where she has to look at anything on her right she won't turn. I'm not sure if it hurts her or she just can't do it. That's a question for the physical therapist when we start back. I'm still nursing but supplementing with formula. It's going great. I still get the chance to hold her close and bond but not stress over feeding her.

She'll be 3 months old here in the next weeks. I can't wait to see what changes she'll make.