Monday, September 6, 2010

17 Months Old

Dear Astoria,

This weekend you turned 17 months old. We spent the Labor Day holiday up at Nana and Pops house in Oklahoma. Over the weekend I finally got the time to slow down and watch you. It seems like the past month with school starting back I've missed some of the things you have learned. You have become even more independent than I remembered. You still love your Mommy and Daddy time, but you don't mind playing by yourself. There are times I pick you up from daycare and you are simply watching every one else...soaking it all in.

You love to dance. Anytime a song is played on the TV or even Mommy's horrible singing you are dancing or kicking your feet in the car seat. You love to clap your hands and turn in circles, almost to the beat. Your favorite songs right now are 'If Your Happy and You Know It', the Yo Gabba Gabba entrance song and the 'Hot Dog' song on Micky's Clubhouse. This weekend for the first time I watched you walk backwards. I'm not sure what started it, but you just all of the sudden started going that way. I laughed..another skill mastered.

You are a very happy toddler. You love to smile but also love to have your own way. This weekend with the help of your older cousin you have started using the word "MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE". If you don't get your way it's an automatic fit on the floor. Whaling, rolling, and throwing yourself around. Many times I have to walk away because as much as I love you, you have to learn that it's not all yours. I hate to see you hurt and upset, when your done I love to pick you up and rock you, apologizing, all at the same time. You are my little girl becoming a toddler.

You make some of the funniest faces and sounds I've ever heard. You have learned to smack your lips and let out a big sigh when you get tired. We are still trying to break you from your paci and I believe we're getting closer. You hardly had it at all this weekend. A month from now you will start daycare at the same place Olivia goes. They don't allow will be a long day for all of us I'm sure. You will likely be the youngest in your class but I have a feeling you won't be intimidated by are very sneaky and as I've said before, very independent. You are my little girl.

There are many times I now see this side of are often walking or even running as fast as your little legs can carry you away from me. You seek your independence like I seek you being in my arms cuddling at night. For the past 17 months you've followed in my shadows, now it's going to be hard for me to follow in yours.