Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just Some Really Cute Pictures....

This is Lilly, aka Fat Cat, taking a snooze in the old stroller which is stored out in the garage...perhaps this is her way of bonding with Astoria inadvertently?
Playdate in Plano
I wonder what her 'grown up' smile will look like? Will it be like mine where her whole face scrunches up and you can hardly see her eyes?
Trip to Sam's - First time sitting up in the cart. Oh, and that's a newborn outfit we're sporting at 6 1/2 months.
Waiting in line at Willowbend Mall's Santa Parade. We're wearing a skirt Nana made Olivia and a Medical Center of Plano group shirt.
Waiting in line for Santa
We waited in line for 15 minutes and I worried the whole time if she would scream or not. I 'backed' her into Santa and basically did a 'drop and run' onto Santa's lap. Funny thing, she looked up at him and just started grinning. She loved feeling his suit. It took two or three of us to get her to even look at the camera..her eyes were glued to him. In Santa's wise wisdom he said it wasn't until children developed teeth that they became scared of him. Even though it seems so early I'm happy we got a good picture of her!
Trip on the DART to the Texas State Fair with Aunt Mere.

Her surprised face?
Hey there Astoria! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas! My name's Big Tex!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


She always could say it better than I could:

Thank you for posting this little sister! How I wish Astoria could have met him in person and shared all of our amazing memories with him. He's watching, they are all watching. I'm so happy Granny gets to experience what all of them have not (in person at least). We love you Papa, Grandpa, and most recently Grandma, know that we will carry on your memories.

~Andrea, Rex and Astoria
Turkey, Rojo, and Toad