Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's Next Tattoos?

This past weekend we got Astoria's ears pierced. I've been wanting to get it done for a long time but the places we went to told us her lobes were too small. So I waited...for 9 long months (I couldn't do if for the first 3 months because she had to have shots beforehand), lol. Then Megan told us about a place called La Lobe and off we went. They specialize in baby piercings and have been in business for 20+ years. They are smaller earrings than what you would find at Claire's because they don't use a gun...they use a hollow needle. The experience wasn't too bad. The worst part was her having to be held tightly..after they were done she stopped crying almost immediately. Oh and diamonds are a girls best friend, especially if it's your birthstone too! :)

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