Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I love being crafty. I'm so happy my mother passed her skill on to me. This weekend I went to Canton for one of the biggest craft/flea market/garage sales in the state of Texas. While there I found this plain Jane snowflake that was just calling my name (with the help of a couple of friends, Megan and Amber, my mommy friends, helping me realize I needed it). The lady in the booth said it was an old Neiman Marcus Christmas decoration from the 1980's. I'm not sure how I'd certify this information but I like a good story none the less. So the snowflake came home with me.

Of course it couldn't stay in it's current shape it was much to plain...

So with a little craft glue and glitter this is the beauty it has become (I love it!). I know it's kinda hard to tell here but it's REALLY sparkly now:

Oh and today, it was cold here in Texas. Thank goodness for Sara who gave us this hat and mitten set (notice she'd already pulled off one of the gloves to get Mr. Duck, her favorite toy).

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