Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Week Appointment

Nana Time
Snug as a Bug
All Clean

We went to the doctor yesterday for a checkup. All is well however, we didn't make it back up to our birth weight. She's at 6.5 and birth was 6.10 so we have to go back again next week for another check up. Hopefully we'll have gained at least 4-6 ozs by then. If not I'm going to have to supplement. There is a possibility that my body produces low calorie breast milk (who knew there was such a thing). If we don't gain I'll be feeding her formula after I breastfeed her for a period of time. Lets all pray she gains all week!

Other than that everything looks good. He checked her eyes, nose, ears, hips and everything else. They poked her heal again for blood work to be done for the PKU test (they poked once in the hospital and then again now). If no abnormalities exist we won't know the results for several months, no news is good news!

Next appointment after next week is 2 months were we'll get shots! Thank God Nana will be here to help keep mom calm :)


MaryAnn said...

Hey Andrea,
A few words of encouragement: we supplemented Katie with formula, too. here's the thing, though- breastfed babies don't gain their weight back as quickly as formula-fed kids- it can take weeks before they hit their birth weight, so don't be discouraged. These standards of weight gain for babies are set (seriously) by the assumption that kids are formula-fed; they don't take into account breastfeeding and the differences metabolically between the two.

Also, sometimes they don't weigh the babies correctly- if you feel Astoria's weight is too low, ask them to do it again that day. And one more thing: no one EVER suggested taking Katie's rectal temp. Ear temps are fine. In fact, they can take her temp under her armpit and that's fine, too- they just have to add or subtract a few degrees depending on where they take it. (BTW:Under the armpit, you add 2 degrees) They seem to like rectal temps down here in Texas- but they're not necesssary.

We have the lava flow poop story from the doctor, too- I just couldn't help but laugh. Seriously, poop is never so meaningful as when you're a parent...Have fun! :)

Megan & Corbin said...

Andrea - congrats on your little girl! She is precious. The book I read is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It really is great and seems to be working for Carter. Obviously Astoria is still too little for a lot of the techniques, but it has a big section on birth to 8 weeks that helps you understand their sleep needs! Very interesting!