Friday, April 17, 2009

A Little Bit of Time...

It seems as if time is flying by..she survived her first week and will be two weeks on Sunday. We went to the lactation nurse on Thursday to ensure everything was going okay and that she was gaining weight. Were were great on both accounts. She was born 6lbs 10oz, went home at 6lbs 4 oz, saw the doctor two days later at 5lbs 14oz, and on Thursday was 6lbs, 4oz so we're almost back to birth weight. Our/the doctor's goal is to be there by Monday's two week appointment.

Two funny stories from that day.... What's the first thing they do when you walk into the room to wait for the doctor? Take your temperature of course! Well for babies the most accurate temperature is in the behind, unfortunately. During the process Astoria let the nurse know what she thought about this procedure... I however got to clean up the mess. 5 diapers later, yes, I said 5 we were cleaned up and ready to roll.

Next, the lactation nurse came and got us and said we'd be heading to another room so that she could watch Astoria latch on and such. We entered the room and the nurse said "Okay mom can sit in the glider and get comfortable". I thought to myself well okay I guess my mom can sit in the glider and I'll sit in one of these office chairs to nurse, no big deal. About that time I looked up and my mom and the nurse were looking at me and a light went off "Oh yeah, I'm the mom"! They both laughed at me. I'm not sure how long it will take to realize I'm a mom now. Definitely a great experience.

The nurse said I'm doing everything beautifully as far as feeding. Now Astoria just has to meet me halfway by staying awake to get longer feedings in. I have to basically make her mad to do this but if it will help her gain weight I'm going to be the meanest mom ever :)

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