Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's Proof!

We made it to the first appointment and it was a success. We got to see little toad! Everything looks normal and my due date is April 11, 2009. A little earlier than Granny's birthday on the 14th but still pretty close. The heartrate was 158 which if you go by old wives tales that means a little girl. We'll see!

I'm doing good. I don't have morning sickness - I have what I call night nausea. It's not bad but it's not friendly either. My clothes are getting tighter mainly due to the bloating feeling in the afternoons. Mornings we start out just fine. It's kind of like how you used to lie down on the bed in the morning to zip up your pants after they've been washed. Only for me, the morning zip up is fine, but by the afternoon I've unzipped them and latched a rubber band around the button.

We took video of the event and hopefully will have it posted on here or on You Tube before long!
We're in awe of what God has allowed us to do! I think we both held back tears today as we saw this appear before us on the screen!

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