Thursday, August 21, 2008

Going Back to School.

Week 6 out of 40!

This past week we offically started back to school as teachers. The kids will join us on Monday, the 25th. I have 28 students in my class and about half of them aren't new to me. Over the summer I was promoted to 5th grade. I'll be teaching Science and Reading. Since I moved up I've got most of my own kids back again. My troubling kids have left me and there will be new ones to take their place but I'm looking forward to a year of challenges and rewards.

I was informed last night that our nickname of Nugget for the little one will not surfice for my grandfather. He mentioned that no one else in the family has gotten to pick their nickname so why should we? So his or her beloved nickname will be Toad. It's cute and it'll work for either gender. The overall theme of course is that if Grandpa says it's so....then it's so. Love you Grandpa!

Granny called me a few nights ago out of the blue to ask if we were to name our daughter Astoria (our chosen name, after a town in Oregon that I fell in love with) could she call her Tori? I think it's wonderful and we'd already been thinking that since we obviously can't shorten the first part of her name.

My first appointment is next Thursday at 1pm. I can't wait. Perhaps it will make all of this seem more real to me! I've been feeling fine. Mainly just very bloated which is going to force me into a new pant size. I know it's no big deal but it's just a little annoying :) I've come to realize I can't eat Dairy Queen Blizzards or La Choy's Lo Mein in a can. Those two things didn't sit well on the belly. No real morning sickness per se but mornings are really tough. My stomach is really uneasy until about lunch time and then all is well.

We've told quite a few people now, hoping to start a great prayer chain for a happy and healthy 9 months. All of school doesn't know just yet but I think after next week I'll be a little more comfortable letting the news out to everyone.

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Meredith said...

Hey Sister -

Yeah... stay away from that Chinese in a can... I can't believe you even tried that! Haha!

I like Astoria better than Tori. Boo.

See you tonight!