Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Baby Is On It's Way!

Two lines = A Positive or when the digital test says Pregnancy it must be so!

So this may be long if you want to read the whole's a good one.

As some of you know for the past two months I've been temping to see when I ovulate so that Rex and I could 'plan' for a little one to the best of our abilities and talks with God.

So I woke up this morning and took my temp at the regular 5:30 time frame. My temp had kind of spiked yesterday but last cycle I dropped dramatically on day 12 so I wasn't getting my hopes up. Well this morning when it still stayed high I layed there for a while and thought to myself "I can lay here and wonder or I can get up and test". First, I got on Fertility Friend and entered my info. It still said that it was too early to test. Yeah, okay, who listens to directions all of the time. So I used the only test I had in the house (hadn't been to Dollar Tree in a while) which happened to be a $12 digital test that I didn't want to use until I was 100% sure on a cheap test. Lots of reasoning going on at 5:45 in the morning I know. Anyhow I took the test and within a minute it said PREGNANT!!!

So by this time DH was kind of up and moving. In the bathroom due to his stomach not agreeing with his dinner last night (Olive Garden). I said "Rex, open the door". So he opened the door but turned off the light because he thought I was still trying to sleep. I handed him the stick, which by the way he thought was air freshner and I was trying to help him out. I said turn on the light and look at what you have. He said "Oh my God, are you serious". Then then came out with a big smile on his face (after finishing of course).

At that point it was like 6:00 and Meredith of course was called. I woke up her up which I never normally do with Olivia being so crazy and all. But she was excited and perked right up. The cousins will be about 11 months apart, how awesome!

So since I live in Dallas, TX and all of my family lives in Oklahoma City, I told Mere I was getting in the car and driving up. So that's what I did. I couldn't not be there to see my mom's face. She cried.

On the way in I'd stopped and bought flowers for my mom and Granny. The wonderful thing is, is that my due date is April 17th, per Fertility Friend. My granny's b-day is April 14th. So I wrote on the card that went in the flowers "A little one is on the way to wish you an early birthday". She was so excited. As you all know my grandfather has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer so this was the highlight of his day and perhaps month. It was awesome getting to see their reactions in person. I couldn't have paid for that!

So if you made it to the end of the story congratulations, that's how today has been! The only think on my mind was making it to OKC to tell Mom!

Oh and I stopped at CVS and bought a second test. The second was positive and I figure I'll take another one in the morning just to make sure, I know I'm weird.

So the Chinese gender calendar says Girl! We'll see!


Meredith said...

And you are going to make GREAT parents! I love you both so much and am SO excited to be an Aunt! I even asked Olivia, and she is so happy to be a cousin!!

Kathryn Aylor said...

Okay you, I found out via Mere's blog!!! We are completely excited for you beyond belief! Yay! We'll start praying for a healthy little Kleckner! :)

MaryAnn said...

Congrats, Andrea! It's a wonderful thing!