Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Weekend

Rex and I decided to make a surprise visit to Oklahoma this weekend. We got up at our normal weekday time of 6am and loaded in the car around 7am for the 3 hour trip north. Astoria stayed awake the entire time and did pretty well in the car (with LOTS of mommy entertainment). The surprise was great, Mom's face was the best :)

That day we got to visit Granny:
Take a bath with Olivia (don't you just wonder what they are talking about?)
Sunday before we left Mom and I took the kids to a splash park in Midwest City. Astoria loved it, I can't wait to take her one here (mainly because they have cushy flooring for her poor little knees).

Where'd it go?

I'm gonna get it!

They both loved sitting and watching the bigger kids before we got ready to leave.

When her eyelashes are wet it's almost as if they are too heavy to hold up..she also smiles like her mama...her entire face crinkles up :)

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

She looks like she loved it! Totally jealous of those lashes :)