Sunday, June 6, 2010

Going Bonkers!!

It's starting to get HOT here in Texas so I'm on the hunt for fun things to do with a 1 year old, indoors and relatively cheap. Not an easy task I've discovered. Today however, Rex, Astoria, and I went to a place called Going Bonkers ( It was a lot of fun. Best thing..there is a section for those under 3 years of age. Not sure who got more of a workout though..Astoria or Rex and I?

The tunnel fear!

Yeah, I can do this!

Still going strong.

Going down the slide with daddy!

Now I'm going by myself!

Having a blast.

Hey daddy!

Riding the tea cups...ready for Disney!

What mommy and daddy like to see after a fun, busy day of playing!

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Mom2Miles said...

That place looks awesome! Wish they had one around here. Your daughter's such a cutie! Thanks for linking to me on your blogroll