Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dinner Time

It's usually about 6pm when I start dinner since Rex usually doesn't make it home until 6:15 or sometimes even 6:30. By that time Astoria has eaten three snacks, played in the playroom, pulled everything out of my purse..twice, and has even dumped my sewing basket. Needless to say about the time I start to fix dinner she's looking for some Mommy entertainment which can be hard to provide when your trying to cook. So tonight, I thought about how much she likes to play in the water and VIOLA I put her on the cabinet to play in the sink. No worries, I didn't leave that side of the cabinet for even a millisecond, notice the cut up tomatoes I was using and she was eating just as fast? She loved it and I had lots of time to cut up veggies and meat. She was not too excited when I put her down on the floor once I started really cooking.
Water fun:
This is the face I get when I say 'cheese'!
Not a great picture either but I think she looks exactly like my little sister did at that age :)

Anyway we're headed off tomorrow to the ENT for an ear check, we're using the same doctor that diagnosed her with torticollis at 6 weeks. In the past week I've picked her up from daycare 3 times with a fever. Last week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) she got 6 injections of Rocephin and another 2 doses of it on Wednesday because the fluid was back in her ears. The joys of motherhood.

On a good note tonight before bed she sat in Rex's lap on the floor and proceeded to stand up on her own 10-12 of those times she took a step with one leg but then fell (of course she would do none of it once I got the camera out). Perhaps, just maybe we'll have a walker on our hands soon. I'm so ready!!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Madison love the sink too that's why she runs over and starts whining everytime I turn it on :) she'll be walking soon!

Amy Silver said...

She is so cute! I was catching up reading your blog backwards and realized this must be her "spot" at the sink! It's precious!