Tuesday, August 18, 2009

In All of Our Cuteness

I found the cutest tutu at Third Monday Trade Days in McKinney and we had to sport the new look for the camera. She loved running her fingers through it and kept trying to eat it as well.
Daycare has gone good so far. She still isn't sleeping much while she's there but she's going to bed like a champ and sleeping through the night so what more could I ask for. We went to physical therapy today and they are forming a group of torticollis kids who will be doing PT together on Thursday nights. This is the only way they could get us all in since we all need evening appointments. I'm hoping this helps since she tends to be a bit fussy when the PT holds her. This way I'll be holding her most of the time with the other moms. I can't wait until we're cured. I only notice the tilt when she's tired but it's the strengthening exercises that are so important now. Thank goodness she's likeing tummy time better (assuming she doesn't roll over).

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Knew you couldn't go and not get a tutu!! Haaaa it's soooo cute on her and I just can't help but LOVE the pink!!