Sunday, January 25, 2009

Almost There...

Almost there in many ways. I'm only 11 weeks out from seeing my precious Astoria and I'm 6 days aways from taking my certification test to become a principal. Time is running out on a lot of things to get done and the stress has been felt in our house. Poor Rex has become the brunt of a lot of my stress, even with the flu wrecking havoc on his body for the past week. Thankfully enough, my mom and dad are on their way down next weekend. Mom always seems to show up when she's needed most. So just as I'm either celebrating or crying over the test next Saturday my mom and dad will be waiting for me at my house. Dad will likely pat me on the head (whether I'm crying or celebrating) and mom will want to know all of the details. Did I mention on that day, January 31st, I'll be 30 weeks along and it will be my 29 1/2 birthday. What a day it will be!

With the test behind me it will leave me to deal with summer school and yearbook, oh and a baby on the way. I can almost feel the relief!

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