Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've found myself procrastinating about everything these days which is very unlike me. As you can tell I've even procrastinated about writing on this blog. I've got lots to say but I find I'd rather be sitting on the couch doing nothing or sleeping. I think it's a minor case of being overwhelmed with too much to do. Here's my list of things to do:

1. Finish my application for a Vice Principal Position (I just need a letter of interest, that's it but for the life of me I can't get started).
2. Start studying for the TExES exam, which is January 31st, which will allow me to become a principal or assistant. Without the exam I can't even apply.
3. Start working on Summer School Curriculum. I'm not changing that much about the actual curriculum just adding power points to go along with the daily activities that I developed last year.
4. Develop a reading log for a new reading program we're starting on Wednesday of next week across the entire school.
5. Reread my CHAMPS books to get prepared for a presentation 5th grade has to give on February 16th.
6. Start the yearbook which I've been taking pictures for but have not completed a single layout yet.

So as you can see I have lots to do and no real desire to do any of it. One thing at a time my mother would say :)

Anyway, enough moaning. So what's been going on in our lives since my last post you ask? Well Christmas Eve I found myself in the emergency room not being able to breathe. Even after 8 breathing treatments in 3 hours I left there wheezing with a prescription of prednizone. Breathing, thanks to the prednizone got better about a day later. Christmas was good. It was great seeing all of the family together (although I missed Rex being there with the family a whole bunch). Grandpa was thought about a lot and we sure do miss him. New Year's Eve mom, Mere, and I headed back for Texas to start planning out the baby's room. Only first we drove to Plano's Labor and Delivery because I couldn't get rid of a headache for 3 days. The doctor said it was a tension headache and sent me home with Vicadin (sp). I slept the whole next day but the headache was gone. I was given strict instructions to take it easy (yeah, right). That Friday I still wasn't feeling up to par so I went in to see my primary care doctor who discovered I had a bladder infection and most likely fluctuating blood sugar levels from the prednizone. She started me on Macrobid, and antibiotic, and sent me on my way. Two days later I was feeling a lot better. A week later I was in the OB's office with a rash all over my stomach. She thinks it was caused by the antibiotic. Who knows, it just itched really bad.

While the family was here we picked out fabric for Astoria's layette and curtains. Mom is going to make them all herself and I'm so excited. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. I've realized Astoria has more clothes from Meredith and my little purchases here and there to last until she's 6, of course that would be a problem since they'll all only fit until she's about 9 months old. We'll of course be in need of lots of diapers and wipes if anyone is wondering :)

Rex and I started Childbirth classes a few weeks ago and boy are we learning a lot! I think our discussions after the class are probably just as scary as the class itself.

Other than all of that, things are going good. I'm now in the stage of going to the doctor every two weeks. Until I'm 32 weeks (about a month from now) and then we'll start going every week. It's amazing to me that I'm already 28 weeks along. I've entered the 3rd trimester and I have to admit I'm feeling it. There are days where I feel like a house on legs but I guess that's the fun of it right?

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Meredith said...

Oh no... no one said it was fun. But now you're on the DOWN hill slide!!

Get your stuff done, sister, because once she is HERE you're life is so much more tiring!! :)