Sunday, October 19, 2008

What An Incrediable Weekend!

This has been one of the busiest weekends in a long time! Meredith and Olivia came in on Thursday and met me at school for lunch. Friday she came back up to school to 'teach' my students how to make 'dirt babies'. I'm sure many of them will remind me on Monday how awesome my sister is. What they wouldn't give more more arts and craft time in school!

Friday night we all went to the fair. By we I mean Meredith, Olivia, myself, Bree, Sara, Greyson, and Lorelei. It was fun. Going to the fair with that many kids makes for an interesting evening of trying to navigate through lots of people with two strollers. Mere and I did indulge in a corn dog and some fried smores! It was a blast.

Saturday morning we got up around 8:30 because that's when Olivia got up and we went and had breakfast with Rex at Hubbards, a local favorite. Mere, Olivia, and I then went garage selling in my cousin's neighborhood, Woodbridge. We found me a swing that plugs in (save $$ on batteries) a floor gym, and a few maternity shirts. Then we went to a pumpkin patch to try and get some cute photos of Olivia. She didn't really care for the pumpkins and only a few were taken. Other than that it was a beautiful day and Olivia was a perfect baby. After a trip home for a nap we were out and about again to the outlet malls in Allen. We found lots of cute clothes for Olivia (I can only hope for a girl). For dinner we drove clear down to south Mesquite to eat at Johnny Carrino's because Meredith proceeded to tell me how wonderful it was and I'd never been. Never tell a pregnant person how wonderful something is without planning on acting on giving it to her. It was a long drive but an excellent meal :) We got home late and crashed but not before we tried to find Toad's heartbeat. Lately this has been very easy. We didn't find it and I had horrible dreams. We decided we'd try again in the morning.

So this morning with my bladder full we tried again. Turns out Toad has moved to the other side of my belly which is why we probably couldn't find it last night. The heartbeat was fast and strong at 157 bpm. Thank goodness!

Friday is my next appointment. I'm officially 16 weeks along now. A month from now we'll know whether or not we'll be shopping for blue or pink! I can't wait!

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