Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Father's Wish.....Brings On A Mother's Tear

I found this on Rex's MySpace page, not on accident since MySpace is a public place, but just as I was leaving a message to tell him how much I love him. His worry's remind me why I love him so much......

Oct 10, 2008 4:27 AM
A Parent’s Wish
I can't help but think about my future child and the smile I get when I see my wife with the doppler/baby finder thing and she finds the baby's heartbeat inside her. All day long I pray to God that my child have a better life than I have and hope that all the pain and death I have gone through in my life have some how been penance for my child so that they may have the perfect life. I hope to never hear the words that my child has 24 hours to live if they are lucky as my mother had to bear from the doctor that delivered me. I hope I never have to explain why God chose some of us to go through extreme pain, such as cancer, and why some lived and others died, as my mother did to me when I was just a teenager. I pray my child never has to bury their first love six feet below and never see them again to smile. I definitely want my child to never turn to the bottle as a pain reliever as I did in their troubled times.

I hope my child will be braver than I am when it comes to following their dreams no matter how expensive that dream may be. I will push my child to become the person that he/she wants to be, I love my parents like no other, but I wish they would have been harder on me to succeed. I want to teach my child that failure doesn't exist, only lessons learned from life is all that happens. It makes me anxious and nervous because I know my actions will reflect on my child and that is the personality they mirror.

Thank GOD my wife is brilliant, tough and an objective person because any child from my loins will need those traits! I want my child to learn from their mother that actions before thinking aren't always the brightest ideas like daddy does and that's why daddy ends up in the ER.
I feel better now,
Good night.

My sister's response,
An Aunt's Wish,
I wish that my future nephew/niece has the perfect life as well. She/he has the perfect parents to raise her. One completely dedicated, strong, and independent. The other carefree, humourous, and passionate. Between all of those traits, the baby will either be a hellion or a great asset to the world.

Calm your worries... as I have recently discovered, worrying about baby in the womb is so much easier than worrying about baby outside in the real world. Every car trip, every doctor's visist, every cough, every sneeze.

You will make an excellent daddy just as you have made an excellent husband.I

also hope your child knows no excessive pain. But once again, all of that pain, suffering, and mistakes have made YOU who YOU are. The man who married my sister, the man who is in my life, the man who made my newest family member.

We all love you and little Toad. Yes, times will always be scary and you're heart will forever live outside you.

My response,
A Wife's/Mother's Prayer:
I first prayed I would meet someone who could even stand to be around me and all of my moodiness. I then prayed to find someone who was different than me so I wouldn't be boring the rest of my life. You walked into my life and I couldn't have asked for more. You have stood by me through thick and thin these past three years and yet you're still standing, the biggest feat anyone has done in my life other than my family.

A year passes in our marriage and I begin praying that all of the bad things that touched you in your past have not killed off our chance to bring a little one into this world. God answers prayers. Only two months pass and we get the best 'positive' of our life thus far. Although we may never be out of the woods due to both of our genetics we can only pray that with both of our prayers we will never hear those words your mother once heard.

As my sister mentioned it's much easier to be worried about a baby in the womb than in the outside world but I do believe that together WE can do this. It is no longer about our past lives it's about our life from here on out!

Your wife and the future mother of our child.

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