Friday, January 8, 2010

New Clothes Made by Me!

I've really gotten into this sewing thing. It's so much fun and I could never afford to buy anything like what I've been making..don't get me wrong I'm not good enough to sell anything but for my own child it's VERY cute. I've seen an outfit like this one for around $40 at a craft fair. What did it cost me? About $10. Can't argue with that!

First things first daughter has figured out how to put her thumb into her pacifier and then suck on both of them..not sure this is a good thing!
Gotta love those blue eyes.

Yeah, see that thumb in there?

So this is the whole outfit. I even made the pants. It's so hard to find pants that are small enough in the waist for her yet long enough in the legs and never with a ruffle as cute as that one :) She was watching Lilly walk by me.

All smiles!

What's up Mom?

Here's my ruffle and don't you just want a pair of those shoes? I do!

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

LOVE the pants!!!! Your too awesome! I so need to learn to sew. This summer your sooooo teaching me because my mom has no patience for me! muah thanks! :)