Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cats and Ducks

What do they have in common? ASTORIA! Okay, anyway. We're going to be a cat for Halloween, a scrawny cat but a cute one none-the-less. I got out the duck bathtub tonight after I saw Megan, Madison's mom, have hers out (ours isn't the cute pink one like Maddy's but it does quack). She liked sitting in it while it wasn't in the tub, better than in the tub. I think because she kept sliding down the side of it when it was wet. So maybe we'll just use it dry for awhile.

Our really cute outfit..pants are a little short but we're still stylin'.

The picture on the bottom is Olivia, my niece. She's now 16 months but this was her at 5 months (Astoria's age now, we'll be 6 months almost 7 when Halloween gets here). Guess you could say we'll have a scrawny cat and had a plump cat. Haha kind of like Lilly and Isabelle are here in our house :)

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Don't you love that tub?? It's too cute! I love how it quacks. Are you coming to the balloon festival this weekend? I'd love to finally get to meet ya'll!