Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break!

Unfortunately, spring break is now half over. It's been a great week! Mom, Mere and Olivia came down to Texas to help us continue getting our house ready for baby. The days were busy as usual when they come to visit. Saturday we visited IKEA. I love that place. Sunday we went to a quilt show with Rex's mom. It was fun but a lot of walking. Luckily Mere and I found a great place to sit and people watch. Monday, hmm, I can't even remember what we did on Monday, that's bad, oh wait we filled the newly constructed shed Rex got finished. I just about have a garage once again! This next weekend will be spent organizing all of the tools we've acquired. Tuesday we cleaned out my kitchen since apparently Astoria will be needing her own cabinet. Then a doctor's appointment and a much needed pedicure for Meredith and I. Today we actually slept in till 10 and then went to goodwill to drop off all of my discards from the kitchen and garage. They finally got on the road about 1:30.

As for the doctor's appointment everything is going fine. I'm still measuring big which we think is still due to all of the fluid not really a big baby (hopefully). I'm officially 36 weeks as of Saturday and they have scheduled an induction date for April 9th. However, since she is still sitting so high that date is really up in the air. I'll be checked on the 8th and we'll see if she's ready to make her way into this world, if not, and she's still just hanging out likely I'll let her go until the next week. I'd rather not attempt induction if it might lead to a c-section. My doctor will allow me to go up to a week past our due date of April 11th. After that she gets booted one way or another. April 9th is only 2 days before our actual due date but would allow me to go back to school the last week. If she goes later I may decide not to go back that last week. It's all up to her at this point!

My feet are doing a little better (although in the picture taken this morning by Mere (above) they don't look so hot!). These next few days will be spent relaxing at home and keeping them propped up.

We might have found a caregiver for Astoria starting in August. I'm hoping to get to meet with her this weekend and Friday morning I'm going to meet with a pediatrician. Things are starting to line up!

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Elizabeth said...

April 9th is a great day. It is Brianna's Birthday. I love reading your blog so keep us posted. Best wishes with the delievery!!
Elizabeth in Sunny Florida