Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Snow and Valentine's Day

February came in with a vengeance. We had more snow in Dallas than had been seen in years. We missed a total of 5 days of school and that meant 5 days Astoria and I were home to entertain ourselves. The first day was a little scary. By the second day however we had gotten into a groove and I began to enjoy our time together. Here are a few highlights of our days.

This was Astoria's first real adventure in the snow. Last year she wasn't walking so she was limited to the area I sat her in. This year however she was ALL over the place.
Rex deciding he needed to 'show' Astoria how to make a snow angel. She was having none of it ;)

She did however love the snow.

She was even brave enough to pick it up and throw it.

How I managed to pass some of the time, a blanket tent.

We also managed to 'drive' around the house while wearing our Yo Gabba Gabba puppets.
Nana saved the day one day when a package showed up with fun stickers and cool clothes.

Love these Nana!
Mere and I made Valentines for the girls to take to school.

One of the cute outfits Nana made.

The other outfit. Looking like sisters here.

and how Olivia really smiles, haha.

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