Monday, October 19, 2009


Meredith and I went to a pumpkin patch this weekend. It's the same patch we went to last year with Olivia ( I would have loved to have put Astoria in the same onezie as Olivia but she's too small for it (love you O!). The dress she's wearing here her Nana made and we love it!
My favorite little girl.
I do believe she's got my smile.
Our first and only real good smile of the day.
This is how the day started and why we had very few smiles.
Just my size.
How can I get this into my mouth?
Fine I'll look at you but I won't smile.
Who is this?


Meredith said...

Now, wait a minute. She fit into Olivia's onesie at the fair the day before just fine. So, she may not have FILLED it out... you just didn't want her to WEAR it to the pumpkin patch. Get it right. But, other than that... she is wonderful.

Meredith said...

I love you and left you some love on my blog. Go check it out!